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We believe in the correlation between staff safety and company efficiency, and ultimately, profitability.

Korvest is committed to continuously improving our safety standards and believes that every one has the right to go home from work in the condition in which they arrived. We are investing time, knowledge and resources to better understand risks and develop innovative ways to improve our systems, equipment and procedures.

At Korvest, the same safety rules and disciplines apply to senior management as they do to staff on the factory floor. We are equal in responsibility and accountability to each other. 

Korvest staff all proactively look for new ways to improve safety onsite. We created a safety orientated culture within the workplace where everyone feels responsible for suggesting improvements to the business’ safety practices. These have resulted in a change in safety behaviours across the site and a decrease in Medically Treated and Lost Time Injuries. Hence, our safety program improves our efficiency.

Ultimately, safety at Korvest is not just signs, PPE, and machine guards. It’s a cultural shift in the minds of staff to actively consider their own and others’ safety in everything they do. It’s culture, not just regulations.