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Korvest is committed to ensuring it conducts itself responsibly to ensure we protect our workforce, our neighbours and the environment.

Korvest is ISO14001 certified by QCSE and with this strives for continual improvement across all business units with regard to being environmentally friendly.

Korvest continually reviews its environmental risks across the following areas, but not limited to:


Stack testing for the Korvest Galvanisers plant is conducted annually by independent registered contractors to ensure emissions remain well below thresholds.

Ambient Particulate (Dust) Monitoring

Analysis of dust generated with dispersion modelling to ensure that there is no impact on our neighbours conducted annually by independent registered contractors.

Groundwater Monitoring and Testing

Testing of key wells conducted annually to ensure any contaminants remain below the thresholds required by EPA.


Korvest is very mindful of its operation and the noise it can emit. Every effort is made to limit this noise through reviewing of tasks and activities undertaken. Communication with the EPA is continual to ensure the impacts of our work are not felt by our neighbours.


Korvest continually reviews waste through materials, chemicals and energy for improvement opportunities. When waste is removed from site it is only done so through registered contractors.


Korvest annually reviews its EPA license conditions internally and externally to ensure it remains not just compliant, but exceeds its commitment and submits a National Pollution Inventory Report to demonstrate this.

We maintain up to date information on legislative changes and undertake projects for improvement opportunities as best practice methods come to hand.

Korvest maintains a good relationship with the EPA and work together with them to achieve good outcomes for our workforce, neighbours and the environment.