bne case study

Brisbane Airport Link Tunnel

Korvest Engineers designed a new concept for fire rated cable support products in Australia.

As a part of the tender, Korvest created a revolutionary new cable ladder to maintain form for up to 2 hours at 1050 degrees centigrade.

This product became the first to comply with Australian Fire Rating AS3013:2005, and the Brisbane Airport Link Tunnel the first project to use it with over 15km of ladder to be installed during 2011.

Korvest developed this product to provide further value to the installers by pre-fixing splice plates and hanging rods making installation quick, easy, and economical.

The potential for other projects for this product is huge. - Anywhere that wants the confidence in a cable support system that complies with AS3013:2005, supplied by a company that is as flexible as its products are customisable.