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Manuele Engineers' Head Office

Korvest Galvanisers was recently highly commended for an entry into the Sorel Galvanizing Awards.

The project was the galvanising of the decorative steel facade for the new, modern architecturally designed Manuele Engineers’ Head Office building in South Australia. This was a challenging project where 42 Tonne of steel panels were hot dip galvanised at Korvest Galvanisers’ South Australian galvanising facility where strong attention had to be paid to the final quality of the finished job: The final galvanised steel produced needed to have long life durability, but also needed to be visually attractive, and maintain functional capability for the final construction, as these 2-component panels needed to slot together when installed on the site.

This clever use of hot dip galvanised, custom designed panels enhances the visual appearance of the building, and contrasts well with the painted RHS support structure. It was through early consultation with the project that Korvest Galvanisers provided fabrication support to the architects of the building, and avoid any potential issues down the line.

While other corrosion protection offerings in the market do try to undervalue the capability of hot dip galvanising as a corrosion protection solution, this is a project that has successfully highlighted the potential for the use of painted and galvanised products together. The architect for the project noted that the hot dip galvanising of the panels, is showcasing the steel products themselves, and provides a welcome visual contrast with the rest of the building.

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