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New AS3013:2005 Fire Rated Cable Supports

Korvest's EzyStrut division has released several updates to its range of AS3013:2005 Fire Rated Cable Supports.

In 2010, EzyStrut was the first company to release a cable ladder compliant with the AS3013:2005 Fire Rating to the Australian market, you can learn more about its case study here. Recently, the range has been developed and expanded to maintain the company's position as having not only the biggest range of solutions, but the strongest and most efficient to install solutions overall. The business saw a need in the Australian market place for these products and filled it, with as many options as possible for customers.

The range of AS3013:2005 compliant cable ladders has grown to include new, higher load capabilities from 50kg/m up to 100kg/m and multiple cable laying depths. The cable ladders themselves offer an ideal support solution for managing high volumes of cables over long distances and can be supplied with trapeze kits for easy installation. All ladders offer 4 different cable laying widths (from 150-600mm) ensuring that they can cover the installers' needs. All ladders are hot dip galvanised after fabrication to ensure that they offer a long, highly corrosion resistant life over long spans.

New types of products for the company, EzyStrut has also released new AS3013:2005 compliant cable trays and mesh. The cable trays themselves offer continuous support for cables, again are offered with trapeze supports for easy installation, but can be supplied in either pre-galvanised or hot dip galvanised steel. The pre-galvanised option is visually clean looking, and offers a long corrosion resistant service life, but for added corrosion resistance to meet with the AS4680:2006 standard, the hot dip galvanised version is a great option. The fire rated trays offer cabling widths from 150-600mm, 78mm cabling depth, and can be offered in a single or dual option. There are also options for different trapeze support spacing to work around the installers requirements for maximum load per metre. Load capabilities range from 12.5kg/m up to 40kg/m.

Finally, the new EzyStrut AS3013:2005 compliant cable mesh is designed to be a new, flexible solution to work around complex products. The inherent advantage of cable mesh is that cables can be dropped in and out of the product as the installer needs. The mesh products themselves have load capabilities of 7kg/m up to 15kg/m.

All in all though, EzyStrut's engineering team can help with recommending a solution to work with a project managers needs.

October 2014