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Architectural Use of EzyStrut Products

It is not just a need to support cables: These trays work great in architectural applications too.

The range of cable tray products from EzyStrut is not just for industrial cable supports. In many cases they are used for managing a lot of cables in commercial buildings too. More now than ever before, they are being installed where they are able to be seen everyday rather than being hidden away. There is a current architectural design trend where having services such as the cabling, air conditioning and plumbing exposed is seen as a pleasing design element. To achieve this though, these services have to look the part: They need to be clean and smooth, and not look like they belong on an industrial site, but rather as a preferred design element of a modern office.

That is why architects are making EzyStrut's EzyTray, ET3 and ET5 range a product of choice. The pre-galvanised versions are made from strong material to provide safe working loads, the steel is corrosion resistant, and they are made from smooth material to prevent cable damage. From a visual point of view, they have pleasing form, as their material is clean and consistent, helping them them fit in in modern buildings.

The designs of sites where the trays are being installed in does not have to be changed to work around the trays: The trays themselves are easily manipulated around most obstacles.

The EzyTray ranges offers cabling widths from 150-600mm and total side rail heights ranging from 47-85mm.